Fine Art Originals
Prices listed are in Canadian Dollars
Unframed unless otherwise stated
Pickup preferred (Burlington, Ontario)
Shipping will be estimated at time of purchase
Sky Lights (Skyway Bridge)
Acryic on Gallery Canvas -18x36" (46x91cm)
LaSalle Park Foot Bridge In Winter                                           
Acryic on Gallery Canvas -18x36" (46x91cm)
Red in the Reeds                                           $500
Acryic on Masonite -11x14" (28x36cm)
Framed in black satin wide-profile frame
Blue Heron                                        $400
Acryic on Masonite - 8x10" (20x25cm)
Satin Gold frame with linen liner
Hooded Merganser                                          $650
Watercolour - 14x21" (35x53cm)
Double mat, cherrywood frame
Clematis                                           $750
Watercolour - 20x20 (51x51cm)
Hostas                                                              $850 Watercolour - 18x29" (46x74cm)
Matted, wide black frame
Worms Eye View                                $450
Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm) 
Barn Owls                                                   $600
Watercolour - 13x18" (33x46cm)
Matted, rustic frame
Sunset Swan
Watercolour - 20x28" (
Lorie's Lupins                       $600
Watercolour - 20x12.5" (50x32cm)
Matted, Silver Metal Frame
Mute Elegance                   $800
Watercolour - 30x12" (74x31cm)
Matted, Champagne Gold Frame
Approaching Storm                                  $450
Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm)

The Launch                                            $450
Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm)

Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm)

Iced Tea                                  $450
Watercolour -14x11" (36x28cm)

Dichroid Scribbles                    $900
Watercolour -28x20" (71x51cm)

Golden Ruffles                    $450
Watercolour - -11x14" (28x36cm)
Sun on the Farmhouse                              $450
Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm)

River Rocks                                            $450
Watercolour - -11x14" (28x36cm)
Flamenco Dance                                            $450
Watercolour - -11x14" (28x36cm)
White Peony                                         $450
Watercolour - -11x14" (28x36cm)
Glass/still life                      Floral/Nature                        Birds/Animals                      Landscape
Tea in June                                               $600
Watercolour - 12x17" (30x43cm)
matted, ornate gold frame
'Elegant Trio'                         $450
22x15" watercolour
'Kaleidoscope'                     $750
22x15" watercolour
'Afternoon Delight'                                         $750
15x22" watercolour (framed and matted)
Glass Skyline                                               $750
15x22" watercolour (framed and matted)
Glass Bear                                                    $450
Watercolour -14x11" (36x28cm)

Crown Jars                                                   $450  Watercolour -11x14" (28x36cm)

Rainbow Reflections                                      $450
Watercolour -14x11" (36x28cm)
Fine Dining                              $450
Watercolour -14x11" (36x28cm)
Window Glass